About Institution

Our Vision

❒ The Matru Sewa Sangh Institute of Social Work aspires to become a preeminent abode of knowledge that is robust, committed, futuristic and people centered and that addresses the complexities of human conditions.
❒ Impart professional knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for building a democratic society that is emancipated, enlightened and empowered.
❒ Develop a cadre of professionals – both men and women – who will strive towards building a society that is inclusive, free from exploitation and who will be sensitive to the emerging challenges at the local, regional, national and global level.

Guiding Values

❒An unwavering faith in human dignity;
❒ Belief in social justice, equity, equality, human rights, freedom and democracy;
❒ An abiding faith in duty towards other individuals and society;
❒ Education grounded in free and scientific inquiry;
❒ Professional competence and ethical conduct in all walks of life;
❒ Fostering interrelationship among different sections of society and tolerance of differences;
❒ Respect for plurality of background, culture, orientation and diversity of thoughts;
❒ A deep affinity towards the environment and concern for the well being of our planet.

Mission Statement

❒The Matru Sewa Sangh Institute of Social Work seeks to provide the highest quality of social work education to prepare committed professional social workers.
❒The Institute offers opportunities for teaching-learning through theory, practical, research, field action and extension projects in the context of the prevailing social, cultural, economic and political realities of our country.
❒Being a pioneering institute of social work education of this region, it sets standards for working with individuals, groups, communities and organizations in order to attain equality, equity, social justice, secularism and freedom so that all forms of discrimination and exploitation in the society can be eliminated.