Student Mentoring System:

Class Directors are assigned with the responsibility of coordination of different activities at respective class levels. Class directors are responsible to arrange for different activities as per syllabus and curriculum prescribed by the University. In collaboration with the subject teachers at the respective classes, Class Directors conduct activities which includes Special assignment (within oroutside the syllabus), Work on independent projects, independent library reading, visits to the sites to obtain first-hand information, construction of aid materials, participation in the organization of co- curricular activities etc. Being a Social Work Institute and as a requirement of the Course students have to do field work (Social Work Practicum) in addition to attending theory classes. Students in the class are divided into different groups of 10-12 for their field work and they are supervised by the faculty. As a part of the syllabus every student has to submit weekly report of the work done during their field work and it is compulsory for the students to attend and for the faculty to conduct minimum one individual and one group conference in every week. During individual conferences and group conferences concerned field work supervisors not only address the academic difficulties faced by the students during their field work but they also address personal problems of the students. Every faculty member is assigned a group of students for mentoring throughout the session. Mentors conduct meeting with mentees and record their difficulties, requirements and suggestions to take necessary actions related to curriculum implementation.These field work supervisors, subject teachers and class directors play the role of mentors. During interactions in classes, conferences slow learners as well as advanced learner are identified. Based on the understanding level of the student concerned supervisors and subject teachers provide support and guidance to the students. Slow learners are supported and guided in preparing notes from additional reference books, journal and literature /data available on the internet and advance learners are provided with enrichment programmes and activities with updated class notes. Personal care is taken by teachers. They are guided and encouraged to participate in inter college, university and state level. Tutorial classes are conducted for the slow learners and study materials in the form of simplified notes are provided to them. Teachers through mentoring encourage students to participate in various competitions and activities at the Institute, University, inter-collegiate, state and national level. They are also encouraged to go for higher studies and join the reputed Institutes in the field. Every year some students join Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Karve Institute of Social Services, Pune, Bharti Vidyapith, IIPS, etc. workshops on life-skill development and career recognized are conducted to impart life skills among the students leading to better job placements. Presently institute is facing teaching staff crunch but then also Institute tries to help students by appointing contributory faculties/teachers and inviting experts in the field as guest faculty. One to one mentoring is done to help the students in the academic development and personal development.