1. Tribals and Other Traditional Dwellers in Protected Areas in India: Study of Their Rights, Issues and Challenges


Over the years, through its research in social work, MSS Institute of Social work has made consistent contributions and widely acknowledged at public sector as well as civil society organization. The present research study is a two year Major Research Project initiated in the year 2020 to understand the Rights, Issues and challenges of the Tribal and Other Traditional Dwellers in Protected Areas in India. The Director of the Research Project is Dr. Keshav Walke, Officiating principal of Matru Sewa Sangh Institute of Social Work.
Sponsor: Ministry of Tribal Affairs (MoTA), Government Of India.

The objectives of the Research study:

1. To analyse present situation of the tribals and other traditional dwellers affected by the Protected Areas in India with respect to their rights, Issues and Challenges.
2. To understand impact of Protected Areas on Socio-economic condition, occupation and Livelihood of the affected tribals and other traditional dwellers;
3. To examine the change in Quality of Life of the affected people after tiger reserve?;
4. To explain changes with reference to culture, traditions and political systems, relationship with the forest, women’s life experienced by the Tiger Reserve affected Tribals and Other Traditional Dwellers

The Key feature of the Project:

• The proposed study is focused on four selected Tiger reserve including Dudhwa +Katernighat(Uttar Pradesh), Sundarban(West Bengal), Kanha kisli Tiger Reserve (Madhya Pradesh), Nagarjuna Sagar Srisailam Tiger Reserve (Andhra Pradesh). • The overall purpose of the research study is to suggest scientific theoretical cum practical paradigms as Social Work Intervention system in the form of Field Action Project to help tribals and other traditional dwellers in minimizing the issues and dealing with the challenges faced by them