Golden Jubilee National Seminar on Social Work Int
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Prof Dr K S Nair (Deputy Director General – Research, YASHADA, Pune) lighting the traditional lamp to mark the inauguration of the two-day seminar on 23 Feb 2007.


Mr Ujjwal Ukey (Commissioner, ICDS, Maharashtra) delivering his inaugural speech at the Seminar.

Mr Sudipta Singh (Secretary, Hislop Education Society) delivering his speech at the Valedictory session of the Seminar.

Two-day Golden Jubilee National Seminar on Social Work Intervention for the Prevention and Control of Malnutrition Deaths organized by the Institute on 23-24 Feb 2007 with the support of UGC, YASHADA and HISAR was inaugurated by Mr Ujjwal Ukey, Commissioner, ICDS, Government of Maharashtra, on 23rd February 2007.

The following papers were presented during the seminar :

1. Dr D K Laldas : Quantitative & Qualitative Social Work Research Methods for Studies in Malnutrition.
2. Dr Mary Alphonse : The Issue of Malnutrition & Social Work Intervention.
3. Dr. Memuna Haque: Nature, Characteristics and Causes of Malnutrition Deaths Among Children with special Reference to Maharashtra, and Expected Solutions.
4. Dr. V.V. Devasia: Death of Children in Melghat: Malnutrition as Human Rights Violation.
5. Dr Benjamin Joseph : Socio-Political Measures to Combat Malnutrition Deaths.
6. Dr. Ajit Kumar: Malnutrition in the Indian Context – Dimensions of Poverty and State Policies.
7. Dr Naveen Chandran : Some Issues Of Urban Malnutrition And Near Deaths: Possible Interventions And Remedies.
8. Dr S Khandewale : Prevention and Control of Malnutrition Deaths – Some Economic Perspectives.
9. Ms Sanjana Das : The Role of the Church in Reducing Vulnerabilities that lead to Malnutrition in Children.
10. Mrs Anuradha Joshi : Reproductive Health of Rural Women in India and Social Work Intervention.
11. Mr Keshav Walke : Displacement and Malnutrition Among Tribals in Melghat Tiger Reserve.
12. Dr Vinayak Deshpande : Malnutrition : Perspectives and Policy Issues.
13. Mr Arun Mohod : The Status of Malnutrition Among Children in Yavatmal.
14. Dr Naresh Gite : Malnutrition and Remedial Measures.
15. Prof Ambadas Mohite : Malnutrition Amongst Children in Melaghat. Dr John Menachery functioned as the Seminar Coordinator.