National Seminar on Human Rights, Women, Gender Ju
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Dr Usha Nayar (Deputy Director, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai), Dr Thrity Patel (Head, PG Dept of Law, RTM Nagpur University), lighting the traditional lamp to mark the inauguration of the Seminar.


Dr Sneha Deshpande, Treasurer, Matru Sewa Sangh speaking at the Valedictory Session of the Seminar.

Two-day UGC-ICSSR Golden Jubilee National Seminar on Human Rights, Women, Gender Justice and HIV-AIDS in the Context of Social Work Intervention, organized by the Institute on 29-30 January 2007 was inaugurated by Dr Usha Nayar, Professor & Deputy Director, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai.

Dr Thrity Patel, Professor & Head, PG Dept of Law, RTM Nagpur University presided over. Dr Jayant Aparajit, Principal, RTM Nagpur University’s Dr Ambedkar College of Law and Dr (Maj.) Milind Bhrushundi, Consultant, HV Medicine, were the Guests of Honour.

The following papers were presented during the seminar :
1. Dr. Vinay Kulkarni & Dr. Sanjeevani Kulkarni, PRAYAS, Pune : Human Rights relating to Reproductive and Sexual health in view of HIV/AIDS.
2. Adv. Prakash Meghe, Member, Amnesty International, Nagpur: Human Rights of Persons Living with HIV/AIDS: Strategies for Enforcement.
3. Dr. Lata Ajay Tapnikar, NKP Salve Institute of Medical Science & Research Centre, Nagpur: Adolescent Girls: A study of their perceptions on HIV/AIDS and Sexuality.
4. Mrs. Rashmi Babhulkar, MSSISW, Nagpur: Dynamics in the Families of HIV infected Adolescent Girls and need for Interventions.
5. Dr. Sanjeevani Kulkarni, & Dr. Shrinivas Darak, PRAYAS, Pune: Stigma from the perspective of HIV Positive Women.
6. Dr. Kishor Moghe & Mr. Praful Ukey, Grameen Samassya Mukti Trust, Yavatmal: Intervention with Commercial Sex Workers for STI Reduction: A Case Study of GSMT, Yavatmal.
7. Mrs. Anagha Ghosh, Sadhana Consultancy, Pune; Gender Justice and HIV/AIDS with special reference to Women with Disabilities.
8. Ms. Jyoti Niswade, MSSISW, Nagpur: HIV/AIDS and Consequences on Widows: Issues and the Need for Effective Intervention.
9. Dr. Milind Bhrushundi, Consultant, HIV Medicine, Nagpur: HIV Women and Reproductive Health with special reference to planning parenthood.
10. Ms. Archana Urkude, Lata Mangeshkar Hospital, Nagpur: HIV/AIDS in Women: A Profile of patients at Community Care Centre of Lata Mangeshkar Hospital, Nagpur.
11. Ms. Jyoti Motghare, MSSISW, Nagpur: Women and HIV/AIDS: Case Studies of Intervention.
12. Ms. Snehlata Shrivastava, Science Reporter, The Hitavada, Nagpur: HIV/AIDS: Role of the Media in the Context of HIV-AIDS.
13. Ms. Amruta Joshi, Bharatiya Aadim Jati Sevak Sangh, Nagpur: Training on Gender Issues in the context of HIV/AIDS: An overview of Methods in Practice.
14. Ms. Ashwini Girhe, Government Medical College and Hospital, Nagpur: Voluntary Testing and Counselling in HIV/AIDS.
15. Ms. Geetha Thachil, MSSISW, Nagpur: Domestic Violence and HIV/AIDS: Points of Intersection and Strategies for effective response.
The valedictory session was held on 30th Jan 07. Dr.Kusum Wankar, President, Matru Sewa Sangh, Nagpur was the Chief Guest. Dr Lata Deshmukh, Secretary, Matru Sewa Sangh, Nagpur presided over and Dr Sneha Deshpande, Treasurer, Matru Sewa Sangh, Nagpur was the guest of honour.
Mrs Geetha Thachil functioned as the Seminar Coordinator